First of all, tip of the beanie to ya!

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A game about life and death, featuring Grandma and fresh baked cookies. Oh, there is also giant spiders!

Spiders spawn in waves at the edges of the map. Cookies are spread throughout. Waves progressively become more difficult. Enjoy a goof and a gaff!

W: Move Forward
A: Move Left
S: Move Backward
D: Move Right
Space: Jump
E: Pickup/Drop Item
Shift: Sprint

Programmer and Animator: Sabastian Peters

3D Artist and Level Designer: Ethan Schellenberg

Assistant 3D Artist: Sean Neves

Music and Sound: Taylor Hoy

UI and Splash Screen: Rivet Design Communications

This game was originally made for the Ludum Dare using Unity3D. We've decided to improve on it outside of the 72hr time frame.

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Published191 days ago
AuthorBeast Powered Productions

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